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Child's cheeks suddenly appear reddish, this is probably the cause

A child's cheeks that are red at a glance will look very adorable. But if it happens suddenly, your child may experience red cheek syndrome or slapped cheek syndrome. Red cheek syndrome is included in the group "fifth disease". This condition is caused by parvovirus B19 infection, and attacks children more often than adults. Recognizing the Symptoms of Red Cheek Syndrome Transmission of red cheek syndrome can occur through sneezing, coughing, and direct contact with objects contaminated by this virus. Red cheek syndrome is usually preceded by symptoms such as fever, runny nose, fussiness, easy drowsiness, and eating disorders. Some children may experience pain in the joints, muscles, and inflammation of the throat. About two to five days after the initial symptoms, the child's cheeks will start to appear reddish. The rash on the cheek will be followed by a rash on the body and limbs of the child. The rash will usually feel itchy and often make children uncomfo
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Don't Doubt the Benefits of Listening to Music while Sports

Listening to music while exercising is very fun. However, did you know that the benefits are not only that? In addition to fun, listening to music during exercise will also have a positive impact on health, you know! Exercising regularly is already known to have a variety of benefits, such as helping to control body weight, improve sleep quality, and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. In addition, exercise is also useful for strengthening bones and muscles. Various Benefits of Listening to Music while Sports In addition to increasing the spirit of exercise, listening to music during exercise can also have a positive impact on the body, such as: 1. Increase exercise intensity Want to increase the duration and intensity of exercise in a fun way? Listening to music while exercising can be one solution. By listening to music while exercising, fatigue can be reduced, so that the duration and intensity of exercise will increase. You can play your favorite songs, and choose

Various Benefits of Telon Oil for Babies

Not only warms up, telon oil also has many benefits. This makes many parents who apply telon oil to the baby's skin, especially after bathing the baby. Telon oil contains three types of natural oils, namely eucalyptus oil, fennel oil, and coconut oil. Each natural oil content in telon oil, brings different benefits. Benefits of Telon Oil Here are some of the benefits of telon oil based on their ingredients: Eucalyptus oil The content of eucalyptus oil contained in telon oil creates a sensation of warmth when applied to the skin. This content not only warms, but can also relieve itching due to bite bites. Fennel oil Fennel oil contained in telon oil can relieve stomach pain, and runny nose. In addition, the fennel oil also contains antimicrobial compounds that are believed to be able to prevent infection and inhibit the growth of certain fungi that might cause skin diseases. Coconut oil The content of coconut oil contained in telon oil is useful for moisturizin